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The "Bathroom CEO" earns 60000 yuan per year by taking a bath? Product experience becomes the focus

Taking a bath in the bathtub can easily earn 60000 yuan per year? Don't think this is a fantasy. This "relaxed" job in the world recently appeared on a recruitment notice for a British bathroom company, offering a salary of 6000 pounds per year, which translates to an annual salary of 60000 yuan. Taking a shower in one year can easily earn 5000 yuan per month, which is comparable to the average white-collar worker in a company! Seeing this, I believe many people are moved, but in reality, this seemingly simple position is not easy. Workers not only need to feel the uniqueness of each bathtub in the company, but also must write an experience report on the functions of the bathtub after taking a bath. Just like the name of the position "Bathroom President", it may seem like an enjoyment, but in fact, it also requires corresponding responsibility.
The "Bathroom CEO" earns 60000 yuan per year by taking a bath? Product experience becomes the focus
Experience Economy: Thinking about what consumers want
For enterprises, bathtub experience workers are not only a job, but also a strategy for their development. Nowadays, there are more and more domestic and foreign bathroom enterprises, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The pressure for enterprises to establish themselves in the market is also increasing. With the improvement of people's living standards, while ensuring product quality, "price" is no longer the only standard for consumers to choose bathroom products. Comfort and enjoyment have become higher demands from consumers for bathroom enterprises, and "humanized" products have gradually become the darling of the industry. The high paying "bathroom CEO" of a bathroom company sees this precisely: standing from the perspective of consumers, thinking about what consumers think, can stand out in the fierce competition.
You can imagine a scene where the experimenter is lying in the bathtub, pressing a button, and then recording its functions and feelings. Where comfort is not enough and needs improvement, and where features are not worthy of their name and need strengthening... just like consumers bathing at home. It's just that companies rely on experienced personnel to know these feelings in advance, and then improve their products based on consumer needs, or to find a fit for sales and promotion. In fact, the feelings of the experienced user represent the feelings of the millions of users who will use this bathroom product in the future, so they are not careless at all.
Domestic: Bathroom experience centers are favored
In fact, this experience model has already emerged in the domestic bathroom industry. In the past year or two, Zhongyu, Jiumu, and others have taken the lead in launching their own bathroom experience stores in some regions of China, and spatial experience stores are gradually targeting end consumers. On the basis of other experience stores, Shenluda has made quantitative preparations for the spatial store model and also upgraded the bathroom specialty store experience model. The bathroom experience center is actually a physical space where consumers can enjoy a one-stop shopping experience for bathroom cabinets, toilets, and other products and services, while also finding products and designs that are suitable for them.
Summary: Experience, not just gimmicks
Facts have proven that whether it is the experience effect brought by the position of "experience center" or "bathroom president", the "humanization" of products has become an irreversible trend in the bathroom industry. The main body of the market is consumers. For enterprises, only by adapting to market development and manufacturing more products suitable for consumers can they win the favor of consumers and gain broader development space in the market. The 'Bathroom President' is fresh and diverse
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